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We can design spot or 4 color process artwork for your t-shirts. We are fast and very cheap.
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Design Oupost is *the* best resource for custom logos, icons, or web templates. You decide on your budget, post your project and have some of the most talented graphic designers online compete for your business.

They will show you proofs of your graphic and tweak/revise your design until they get it right. You are a part of the whole process! At the end, you choose a *winner* for your project and the funds get transferred to the winning design.

The best service for getting custom artwork I've ever found!
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We specialize in spot color separation, but can handle any kind of artwork needed. We do the best seps. We also provide separation software.
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Design firm specializing in T-Shirt Design
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We specialize in screen print design and separation services. Custom design service for screen printing. High-quality custom clip art available for download. Import clipart, muscle car clipart, clip art, pinup clipart, racing clipart. We also offer large format film output for screen printers.
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Bold, creative, and stylish graphic and web design solutions.
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Double W Designs offers quality t-shirt designs. Providing services from concept to separations. Come check out our online portfolio and e-mail us for a quote on your next project.
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High End Apparel Graphics. Over 40 years of big name experience, with big time sales numbers. Many samples available for viewing online. Check us out.
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Excalibur Creations / Raster Bitmap to Vector Conversions Add to Favorites

Specializing in Raster Bitmap To Vector Conversions, Typesetting Services & Computer Engravers Digitizing Services.
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We specialize in high quality vector art, tshirt clipart, and tattoo picture designs.
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F-Studio. Add to Favorites

High quality hand vectorization of old drawings on paper. Raster to vector conversion.o The vectorization (digitalization) is fulfilled in AutoCADo The results can be saved in DWG, DFX and EPS formatso All works are made manually, without using the software for auto vectorization.
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Fantasy Artist is the home of artist - t-shirt designer Derek Brown, Features art galleries design samples and more. 18 years professional experience.
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Flying Chicken Studios is a graphic design firm dedicated to creating progressive corporate identities (including logos, letterhead, business cards and envelopes) that reflect your business personality. We also design for the Screen printing, embroidery and ad specialty industry. Thank you for your interest!
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Freelance Artist Available- Screen Print Art and more! Add to Favorites

I am an illustrator specializing in screen print art. You can see my work at www.freelancefridge.comEverything I do is vector art, ready for print of any kind. I can create any art you might need, from simple to complex. I always give a quote before starting and can send a sketch for approval before the final. Feel free to email below or from my site with any questions or for a free quote.Thanks,JamesFreelance Fridge
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Freiburger Graphics - we are a full service, creative studio providing design, branding, web and advertising solutions. Embroider art, T-shirt illustration & so much more! Fresh designs at a great price. Check out our portfolio.
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